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Sewer Jetting Vehicle (Channeljet)

High pressure sewer jetting vehicles were produced to provide for the vacuum clean of septic tanks in and around inhabited areas, and the unblocking of sewage channels. These vehicles are double purpose constructed, depending on the area in which they are used: sewer cleaning, unblocking of channels, or both. As such they are produced with a clean water tank and a sewage tank and are equipped with high-pressure pumps.


Technical Features
Tank Capacity 13.000 Litres
Driveline System Vertical Transfer Case + Clutch System + Belt and Pulley System
Vacuum Pump Capacity %92 efficiency - 4100 m3/h 2500rpm
High-Pressure Water Pump Capacity  170 bar - 413 l/min
 Pressure Regulator   Pratissoli PN4

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