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Salt Spreader for Truck

Salt spreaders are used to spread rock salt homogeneously on the roads. The salt is stored in the large reservoir at the rear of the truck with a wire mesh at the top to prevent foreign matter from entering the spreading mechanism and thus getting stuck. The salt is spread along the road by a wheel connected to the vehicle's powertrain by a hydraulic drive system. The salt spreader has a control mechanism for the cabin that will allow the salt to be sprinkled at the desired density and width depending on the road and weather conditions in order to get the most efficient result from this process.

Salt spreaders are among the winter service vehicles used at airports to prevent the runways from getting icy. However, in such usage areas where salt can damage aircraft equipment, so different substances or liquid solutions can be used as spreading material. Salt spreaders are also used to prevent melting when the air is hot enough to melt asphalt.

Technical Features
Capacity 3 m3 - 9 m3
Conveyor Pallet Chain, Spinner System
Spread Width 2m - 8m
Rotor Polyurethane
Rotor Drive Hydraulic-driven rotors
Control Panel Electronic cabin interface
Parking Jacks 4 Parking Jacks
On Request Water Solution

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