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Vacuum Road Sweeper

Vacuum Road Sweeper is a street sweeping service vehicle generally used by municipalities to remove gravel from the road after aggregate surface coating, cleaning of asphalt grounds and runways. There are water jets in the cleaning mechanism of the vehicles to prevent dust from rising while the rotating brushes clean the dirt on the road. The particles swept by the brush are collected in the storage reservoir on the vehicle by means of vacuums and when the reservoir is full, it is lifted by the hydraulic system and evacuated from the discharge cover.

Technical Features
Machine Name Vacuum Road Sweeper
Garbage Tank Capacity 6 m3 - 8 m3
Sweeping Width 2200 mm
Water Tank Capacity 1500 l - 2000 l
Cruising Speed 5 - 30 km/h
Engine 85 Kw
Vacuum 30,000 m3/saat
Operating System Electronic cabin interface

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